Friday, November 16, 2012

Excessive Comparison

Wow. It's been a really long time since I posted anything. But yeah, I had graduated from high school after 6 long years. Ain't that some cool stuff.

What brings me to today's topic is something I read on Facebook recently. Apparently a few guys from Form 6 decided to organize a Prom Night after our graduation ceremony for Form 6 guys and girls to enjoy themselves. That is actually a good thing as it provided us a form of not-so-formal gathering for us after we left school.

The organizers advertised the event on Facebook. So I guess not too much people knew about the event. (But I might be wrong as like 90% of my classmates use Facebook) During November, people started to know the existence of this event and are starting to promote it at school. My classmate next to me even invited me to go along with them. But I declined his offer because I have other plans on that day. We are still on friendly terms, this is not the problem.

The problem is the advertising on Facebook and not in real life. People had been using wall posts and Share function to get the message around. Usually I will just let the messages pass and remain idle. But one message that I had read kind of angered me.

I know this guy is angry because some of his friends doesn't go due to money concerns. (Hey, the event costs RM100+, not RM30 like in 10 years ago) But seriously, dragging your friends' hobby like buying T-Shirts and concerts down due to their decline to your invitation it's just ridiculous. This guy might try to justify his point by saying that the Prom Night is not to rip us off and is to make everyone happy and stuff, but seriously though, what your friends do with their money is NOT related to YOU. It's their money and they decide how to spend it. Condoning your friends due to their choices just shows your immaturity and failure in judgement.

So, my message to anyone who wants to advertise an event: Please don't do excessive comparisons. Bragging about the ups for going to your event is okay, but please don't bash anyone or anything else as you will anger other netizens, like me and many others who are quite sensitive.

By the way, my BIGBANG concert ticket is RM102 only (I bought the cheapest one), almost RM50 less than the prom night ticket, so please don't make assumptions like all of us are very rich (and buy the 1st class ticket) and don't want to attend your event. Thanks a lot.

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