Friday, November 16, 2012

Excessive Comparison

Wow. It's been a really long time since I posted anything. But yeah, I had graduated from high school after 6 long years. Ain't that some cool stuff.

What brings me to today's topic is something I read on Facebook recently. Apparently a few guys from Form 6 decided to organize a Prom Night after our graduation ceremony for Form 6 guys and girls to enjoy themselves. That is actually a good thing as it provided us a form of not-so-formal gathering for us after we left school.

The organizers advertised the event on Facebook. So I guess not too much people knew about the event. (But I might be wrong as like 90% of my classmates use Facebook) During November, people started to know the existence of this event and are starting to promote it at school. My classmate next to me even invited me to go along with them. But I declined his offer because I have other plans on that day. We are still on friendly terms, this is not the problem.

The problem is the advertising on Facebook and not in real life. People had been using wall posts and Share function to get the message around. Usually I will just let the messages pass and remain idle. But one message that I had read kind of angered me.

I know this guy is angry because some of his friends doesn't go due to money concerns. (Hey, the event costs RM100+, not RM30 like in 10 years ago) But seriously, dragging your friends' hobby like buying T-Shirts and concerts down due to their decline to your invitation it's just ridiculous. This guy might try to justify his point by saying that the Prom Night is not to rip us off and is to make everyone happy and stuff, but seriously though, what your friends do with their money is NOT related to YOU. It's their money and they decide how to spend it. Condoning your friends due to their choices just shows your immaturity and failure in judgement.

So, my message to anyone who wants to advertise an event: Please don't do excessive comparisons. Bragging about the ups for going to your event is okay, but please don't bash anyone or anything else as you will anger other netizens, like me and many others who are quite sensitive.

By the way, my BIGBANG concert ticket is RM102 only (I bought the cheapest one), almost RM50 less than the prom night ticket, so please don't make assumptions like all of us are very rich (and buy the 1st class ticket) and don't want to attend your event. Thanks a lot.

Friday, March 9, 2012

To each his own

This is the sixth consecutive year I participated in the English elocution contest in CHKL. And this year's result came to me as a surprise too, I lost in the finals.

I'm not going to start blaming people for my failure. But it is quite shocking to me when my name wasn't mentioned in the Top 5. After all - I was the Champion last year, and the year before that. And I received awards in Junior 2 and 3 too. This not only came as a surprise to me, it surprised the rest of my class, my competitors, and my English teacher.

At the end of the day, one of the other competitors recommended me to go and talk to one of the judges as she fears the score might be totaled incorrectly. But it turned out that the judges are just not impressed with my speech. Upon further inquiry, two of the judges found my pronunciation below average and the other commented that I lack in content and creativity.

They also told me that the winners (Top 2) of the competition did not go with the 'conventional' style of speech, which was to my surprise, as I always thought that speech is a serious matter and cannot be converted into a talk-show format. But apparently the Top 2 did it, and they stood correct - the judges loved it!

I asked one of the judges "Isn't that kind of speech informal?" and he responded with "Since some people write essays in this kind of creative format, why couldn't they make their speech with the same format?". I was totally astounded. Never in my life that format speeches is the same as talk-show. At least my English agreed with me, he told me "What is English education coming to?" when I told him the above statement.

From this experience, I learned that you must cater to different teachers with different styles. One of the judges told me that I have "a great chance of winning" if I "was judged by some of the older teachers", to each his own, I guess. But at the end of the day, it all depends on your luck. And clearly my luck wasn't at its best, but I was thankful for the experience and one of the judges even shared with me some of her podcasts and told me to "listen to them and learn their accents". Guess my speaking days weren't over yet. I will be back!

Even though I failed in the end, I tried and I am proud of it.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Yet another afternoon wasted...

And I thought I was the only one who thinks that the welcome party for each society in CHKL is stupid.

Poor coordination, little response, minimum support and numerous chit-chat.*Not to mention maximum chaos

What a party that was when the teacher-in-charge had to stand up and yell into the microphone to keep everyone under control. And the "mini-game" that was implemented at the end of the whole ceremony, it was a total failure. Trust me, you cannot keep 100+ students that were stuck in a lame old auditorium in check when you keep them overtime and forcing them to do random gestures and lame IQ questions that everyone knew. Oh yeah, did I mention that some society members were already sleeping or playing with their smartphones? Nobody cares. The teacher already got their hands full by listening to the lame old gibberish repeated every single year and forced to give a short-but-meaningful speech by the society chairman. Basically, a short event that can be finished in 1 hour is extended for an extra 30 minutes. Other than the reasons I list above, the over repetition of "Any questions?" and "Are you sure?" or sometimes "Should I repeat that once more?" was another major contributor to the extended time period for the event.

If you ask me what is the best part of the whole party? Well, I would say the part where they announced that the party is over, and thank heavens for that. I cannot stand another year of this, but luckily this is my last year and I will be thankful for that.

Sorry for the major ranting. Another reason that I ranted is because I accidentally wasted a DVD-R when trying to burn a disc using my computer after I went home from the party. Guess I wasn't in a good mood when I burned the disc. But nevertheless, I hope this is my last experience in a poorly-planned event. I hope the next major event in my society will improve by a large bit.

Monday, January 2, 2012

A day of BIGBANG

I wonder when is the last time I get so hyped about these guys...

Yes, they are the one and only South Korea boy band that I truly adore. And their name is --- BIGBANG.

Consisting of five members, each with his own individual traits and personality, they are truly the best, amazing, wonderful, stunning...... (goes on and on and on)

Today is totally a day of BIGBANG for me, and the best thing about it is that some things are under my control, the rest aren't, and I am very very surprised about that.

This morning I was bored and decided to play Taeyang's Comeback Stage of Wedding Dress + Where U At. His stage performance is one of the best that I have ever seen, and that is all for the morning.

In the afternoon, when I logged into Facebook, after checking on my status, I looked at one of my group subscriptions which is called "Big Bang Word Press Fansite" as there are like... 20 new posts over there. And on the top it is a post that informs everyone that there is a Singapore radio channel playing BIGBANG songs 24/7 (Not for the whole day obviously, but literally 24/7) and when I went on to the link for the radio station, BAM! BIGBANG music all over the place, from their early years until their latest hits such as Tonight and Love Song.

Minutes ago, before I type this post, I was at Old Town Kopitiam having dinner with my family. While they are randomly chatting I was kept distracted by something that I cannot tell. As a result, I found my source of distraction, and to my delight, the Kopitiam is playing BIGBANG music! (First time in my visit to OT Kopitiam) And for the whole hour sitting there chatting with my family, the BIGBANG music never stopped, and it make me more hyped than ever.

After dinner, we went home and I went straight to the computer to type this post. Looking back for what happened to me the whole day, I was quite amazed as I never expected so many things related to BIGBANG to come in my way. But there are no complaints, because they are as amazing as ever. They also give me a fresh dose of music to my ears as compared to a bunch of crappy performances and music in the Gayo Daejun 2011. Great work guys, and wish you the best in 2012. Saranghaeyo.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

My 2nd wisdom tooth is removed last Thursday. It is a very freaky process but not painful at all. The best part is that I don't need to do any more of these tooth removal procedures in the near future. The worst part is that I can only eat soft food for these few days to prevent inflammation.

But why "teeth" in the title? It is because three months ago, in October 2011, I removed my first wisdom tooth and weird enough, I was braver on my first wisdom tooth removal operation. Beats my to figure out why that happened.

And here is a short list of what happened during my 2nd Wisdom tooth removal:

1. Lie down on the operation bed.
2. The dentist puts a medicine on the side of my mouth.
3. The dentist injects anesthetics into blood vessels in my mouth. I am also required to eat several pills, mostly analgesics.
4*. Faints (Just kidding)
4. The dentist use a small drill to "make the tooth smaller" as he said.
5. The dentist use a stick thingy to push the tooth until it breaks into smaller pieces.
6. Repeat Step 4 and Step 5 for 10 mins.
7. The dentist use a larger drill to do something in my mouth. (I can't see)
8. Repeat Step 4, 5 and 7 for 5 mins.
9. The dentist use a clamp to pull out the tooth.
10. The dentist use a string to tie the spot where the tooth is located.
11. DONE

That should be all about it, the only thing that freaks me out is when the dentist use the large drill to do something in my mouth. During that period all that I hear is the sound that is usually heard when your neighbor is refurnishing their house. You know, the sound that is formed when you are drilling a hole in the wall.

The whole process took less than 45 minutes, but as you can see, I survived and lived to tell you this story and I also came to the conclusion that wisdom tooth removal is not as scary as it seems, not until you experience it first hand. 

And also as a side note, a very Happy New Year to everyone who read this post.

P/S: I actually asked the dentist for the remnants of my tooth and it is now in my home. Though I am still thinking what should I do with it. The only thing that I can say about the tooth is that it is very creepy as there are holes and cracks everywhere. (Thanks to the drill) But still you can take it home as a sign that you survived the wisdom tooth removal operation.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

You Think I Don't Know

You think I don't know
when your anger grows
soon will start to glow
and shower me with blows

You think I don't know
when my cam glows
you put up a show
try to curse me whole

You think I don't know
when your answers' cold
that I would suppose
you'll simply let it go

You think I don't know
with the lights aglow
that I would go and chow
without your pesky gloat

You think I don't know
when your friends came "home"
mess up with my flow
that I would still be dull

You think I don't know
with your flesh afloat
that I would be slow
to sink it in the moat

You think I don't know
when I left this home
along with all the crows
that you will curse with jolt

You think I don't know
when you said I know
that actually's a show
that I would still not know.

--- TTYi (26-Feb-2011)

Friday, February 11, 2011

A feeling of "Wrongness"

There are many words that ends with the suffix "-ness" such as usefulness, oneness, sameness (and even the word har"ness") and so on. Well, people tend to use these proper suffix and turn other words into newer words which I would call it the improper use of "-ness". Examples include "lameness, stupidness, crazyness" and so on. But today I would like to share my own feeling, the feeling of "Wrongness".

First, I would like to explain wrongness... or maybe I shouldn't.

Anyway, wrongness is the feeling that something is wrong, terrible wrong, very very wrong, etc.

When do I have the feeling of wrongness? Well, there are many examples.

When my friends told me that the answer of a certain question on my test is different from mine.

When I join a club and realized that it is not as enjoyable as I thought it should be.

When I order a dish and realized that it is a complete different thing from what I imagined.

When I passed up my homework and it struck me that I missed a page.

When I registered an account and immediately forgot my username.

When I do something silly and then realized that someone is watching.

When I am talking rubbish and realized that someone is recording my voice/video.

When I slept until 8 and realized that it is a school day.

When I press the On button on the CPU and nothing happened.

When I am playing a game without saving and it black-screened suddenly.

When I am deleting someone else' files and then knew that it was mine.

When I ate something and then realized that I've just ate that around 5 minutes ago.

When I volunteered something and then someone volunteered for the same thing after me.

When I attacked someone (in game) and noticed that he is my ally.

When I completed my work and found out that those are the work from yesterday.

... ... ... ...

I could give more examples, but actually all of these are pointless. Why would you rant on some stuff which will not affect your life at all? I admit, some of the stuff listed above is my experiences, but there are still some which aren't. And what I am trying to do is to prevent these "Wrongness" by paying more attention, giving my all and so on.

And now I felt a sudden "Wrongness" from writing this post and publishing it on my blog. What would happen is someone saw it? Will he report me? Will he feel the same? I wouldn't know and I don't care. After all, "Wrongness" is a thing to be kept to yourself.